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Small rooms are a great place to experiment with an interesting tile design. The bathrooms pictured above have a neutral color scheme and the focus is on the floor tile. The powder room has a basket weave design in marble tile; a luxurious touch to a small room. The other bathroom also has a marble floor tile but in a circular pattern. These designs set the mood for the room. The basket weave tile creates a more sophisticated look whereas the circles are more playful. Specially designed tile patterns can also be expensive so the small spaces are the perfect place to use them.

Using tile as an accent also creates interest in your space.Try using a different colour or pattern in your shower to create a border or to highlight your fixtures, or cover a wall to add texture. In the kitchen a great place to accentuate with tile is behind the stove where you can create a focal point.

The possibilities are endless so go ahead and experiment. Put different samples together when shopping for tile and see what you you can come up with.

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