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Who We Are Renovations are not easy for any family. With the added pressure of important stylistic decisions and budgeting, you need to partner with a business that understands how to bring your vision to fruition in a way which makes your life as simple as possible.

At Maxime Kitchens, we treat your home as our home. Our personable service truly sets us apart from others in the business.

Our Priorities

Customer satisfaction

Maxime Kitchens understands the questions and pressures you face when you set out to renovate important parts of your home, such as your kitchen or bathrooms. We are a company built of caring individuals who put our customers first by placing your interests on the forefront of our priority list.

Learn about our home renovation process, purposefully designed to benefit you!

Affordable prices, top-quality products and flexible services

We’ve constructed our priority list to match yours.

We focus a lot of our time and money on providing affordable prices, reliable products and flexible services. Our flexibility can be seen clearly in how we go about assisting you with renovation design. You’ll notice our trained staff apply both expertise and creativity to produce a unique plan to suit your vision and home.

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Our Services

Our team is capable of providing home owners across the GTA with a wide variety of home renovation services in a manner that will leave you feeling satisfied. We specialize in renovating the following integral pieces of your home:

We also provide a large selection of products including:

Our Customers

Residents of Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga and throughout the GTA have benefited from our services as we continue to rejuvenate homes with our new renovation designs every day.

The best way to get to know who we are is to contact us with your visions or your questions!

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